Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Consolidated Shipping Service(7)

Q:Can you please help me to understand what is incoterms for the LCL?

A:The freight forwarders offer LCL (Less than Container Load) and consolidate multiple shipments in one container. Ocean LCL shipping allows shippers to move smaller shipments without having to pay for the whole container. Ocean LCL shipping is the most cost-efficient mode for small international shipments compared to FCL or pricey air shipping. Most small and mid-size businesses that are unable to fill the whole container prefer LCL for their international shipping needs.

Q:What is max CBM for 40 ft and 40 HQ container?

A:The max CBM for 40 ft is about 54cbm,The max CBM for 40 HQ is about 68cbm.

Q:About the containers prices, why the price difference between FCL and LCL is so high?

A:The main price difference for FCL and LCL is the destination charges. The destination charges for LCL is quite high.

Q:Will you help me to identify the Commodity description if I send you a list with HS codes?

A:We suggest you check with the suppliers if they provide the right product name with the HS code. We can help check, but we are not sure if the product name is right with HS CODE completely as we are not that familiar with the product function compared to the supplier.

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