International Courier Service

CXMM-SCM Logistics is a trustworthy logistics service partner who has professional service team and experience to offer various logistic plans and services for different demands, including sea transport (FCL and LCL), air transport.
CXMM-SCM can pick up goods in China and deliver the goods to over 230 countries throughout the world. Also, CXMM-SCM can pick up goods in foreign countries and deliver the goods to China. CXMM-SCM has realized the two-way door-to-door international express transport services for import and export.International Courier Service

1) DHL 

CXMM-SCM has been closely cooperated with DHL. DHL has the advantages like the broad coverage and the high time efficiency and thus is suitable for the transport of the high-value goods which has strict requirements for time efficiency. According to the related provisions of DHL, extra fees should be charged for remote areas.HongKong DHL /China mainland DHL(despartured from Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Dongguan) are both available chosen depends on your demand as we are professional express agent.

2) UPS 

UPS is among the largest express carrying and package delivery companies in the world. CXMM-SCM is an agent of the first level in Hong Kong for UPS. The coverage of logistics service provided by Hong Kong UPS is large and the time efficiency is high, so it is appropriate for the transport of the high-value goods which has strict requirements for time efficiency.


FEDEX has advantages in the express of heavy goods.FedEx IP (priority) service works on now.The express services are applicable for shipments from China mainland and Hongkong.The international courier service conservative estimated delivery time is about  7-9 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

International courier services act as a bridge, transporting packages between countries with features like tracking, insurance, customs clearance assistance, and various delivery options.

Freight shipping offers a wide range of items for overseas shipment, but it’s crucial to consider customs regulations and restrictions specific to the destination country. Examples include dry goods, bulk materials, and vehicles.

International shipping duration varies based on factors such as shipping speed, cost, and duration. 

  • Express is the fastest option, with delivery times ranging from 1-3 business days. 
  • Air Freight offers a balance between speed and cost, taking 5-10 business days. 
  • Sea Freight is the slowest and most economical option, taking 20-45 days or more.
  • Find your tracking number: This number is usually found on your shipping receipt.
  • Go to the courier company’s website: Locate the tracking section, typically labeled “Track & Trace” or something similar.
  • Enter your tracking number: Input the tracking number in the designated field and hit submit.

When sending items to other countries, consider various shipping methods like postal services, courier services, and international freight companies. Factors like cost, speed, reliability, and tracking options should be considered. Contact CXMM-SCM Logistics for assistance.