Domestic Haulage Truck Service

CXMM-SCM Logistics is a trustworthy logistics service partner who has professional service team and experience to offer various logistic plans and services for different demands, including sea transport (FCL and LCL), air transport.

China haulage truck service is offered in China domestic shipping, If you need china pickup service from the factory while the trade term is negotiated on the basis of EXW(the suppliers would not provide the domestic shipping either). please do not hesitate to contact CXMM-SCM!

Domestic Haulage Truck Service

Based on FOB terms, the customer /factory entrusts us with a series of services such as door-to-door pick-up, export document preparation, trucking, customs declaration and delivery to the port for warehousing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic trucking is the transportation of goods within a single country, ranging from short distances within a city to longer hauls between different regions or states.

Hauling costs can be calculated by considering several factors, including distance, weight, mode of transportation, fuel costs, labor costs, and any additional fees or surcharges.

Domestic haulage trucks carry a vast array of goods within a single country. Here’s is the different categories:

By Type of Truck:

  • Dry Goods
  • Bulk Materials
  • Vehicles
  • Temperature-Controlled Goods

Other Considerations:

  • Construction and Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Waste Management

The calculation of hauling costs involves incorporating factors such as distance, weight, mode of transportation, fuel, labor costs, and any additional fees or surcharges into the equation.

  • Distance
  • Weight
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Fuel Costs
  • Labor Costs
  • Additional Fees or Surcharges

Booking domestic haulage trucking service typically involves several steps:

  • Identify Your Needs
  • Research Trucking Companies
  • Request Quotes
  • Compare Options
  • Select a Carrier
  • Book the Service
  • Arrange Pickup
  • Track ShipmentReceive Delivery