Import / Export Clearance Service

CXMM-SCM Logistics is a trustworthy logistics service partner who has professional service team and experience to offer various logistic plans and services for different demands, including sea transport (FCL and LCL), air transport.

CXMM-SCM has the right of operation for import/export business and provides the services like the global door-to-door picking up goods in foreign countries, transport, import clearance and domestic delivery, etc. Moreover, MM SCM has entered into a four-party agreement with the customs, e-port and bank and can pay the added-value tax and the import tariff online and handle the foreign exchange offset for the customers and so on.

Import Export Clearance Service

– Customs Application for General Trades

– Customs Application of Samples (Customs Application of Express)

– Bonded Transfer of Customs

– Export Clearance of Ordinary Goods

– Export Clearance of Doubtful and Difficult Goods

1)  The goods for which the customs inspection is required;

2)  The goods which should be subject to inspection or for which the certificates should be presented, for example the air freight of magnetic goods.

3)  The fumigated goods, the preparation of the documents for doubtful and difficult goods and the correspondence between the foreign exchange and the title of certificates.

Export Clearance of One Document for Multiple Goods Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Customs clearance is a crucial process for international imports or exports, requiring the shipper to provide documentation confirming payment of customs duties for processing.

Customs officers have the right to inspect any shipment entering the country, but they may not open every package.

Customs authorities may inspect packages during the customs clearance process, with the extent of inspection varying based on the type of goods being imported or exported, country regulations, and any suspicions or concerns raised by customs officials.

The time it takes for imports to clear customs can vary significantly based on various factors.

  • Country and Port of Entry
  • Type of Goods
  • Accuracy of Documentation
  • Volume of Shipments
  • Customs Regulations
  • Customs Inspection

Yes, you can hold onto a package that’s addressed to you if you’re unable to receive it immediately or if you need to delay its delivery for any reason. Here are a few common scenarios where you might choose to hold onto a package:

  • Travel Plans
  • Work Schedule
  • Surprise Gift
  • Storage Space