Exchange Payment Service

CXMM-SCM Logistics is a trustworthy logistics service partner who has professional service team and experience to offer various logistic plans and services for different demands, including sea transport (FCL and LCL), air transport.

Collection & Payment

As a legal service company in China, we are willing to build a reliable payment platform between customers and suppliers.– Customers and suppliers confirm the products details (model, quantity, color, price, etc.)– Customer send packing list and invoice to CXMM-SCM then pay CXMM-SCM (USD or EUR), and entrust CXMM-SCM to pay it to the suppliers (1,2 or more).Exchange Payment Service

Do you encounter the following problems when you make payment?

  • Are you worried about payment but not delivery when you place an order to your supplier?
  • Are you worried that the goods received after payment are inconsistent with the goods ordered at that time (model, quantity, color and quality etc.) ?
  • Are you worried that the supplier’s late delivery will affect yours sales?
  • Is there a problem bother you that you deal with payment with different supplier at the same time each time, resulting in many additional payment costs?
  • How do you handle this issue if your supplier accept the payment only RMB, but you can pay US or Eur only.
We can assist on usd to RMB and assure the international trade goes smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Exchange Services is a web-based solution that simplifies the process of managing global payments by offering flexible and efficient end-to-end international wire transfers.

Exchange and transfer are common business terms, but they have distinct meanings. Exchange refers to trading, while transfer involves transferring something from one location to another, with exchange involving receiving something in return.

Shipping payment involves understanding terms, determining costs, arranging payment with carriers, and ensuring proper processing and delivery of the shipment according to agreed-upon terms.

Freight payment can be handled by the shipper or outsourced to a freight payment provider with carrier invoicing expertise using freight audit software, as part of a comprehensive supply chain payment services program.

The cost of shipping can be covered by various parties based on the terms negotiated between the buyer and the seller.