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Why Do You Need Customs Bonded Warehouse Services?

Customs Bonded Warehouse services are essential for businesses that involves importing and exporting goods around the world. If you are going to export goods to China, the Chinese customs authorities require you to pay customs duties and taxes. Customs Bonded Warehouse services allow businesses to defer these payments until the goods are released into the market. This helps businesses manage their cash flow better. Customs Bonded Warehouse services also provide a secure and controlled storage environment for goods while they are awaiting clearance from the customs authorities. This reduces the risk of theft, damage, or loss of goods. Additionally, Customs Bonded Warehouse services can provide value-added services such as labeling, repacking, and distribution, which can help businesses meet customers’ demands efficiently.

WHY CXMM-SCM Logistics for Warehouse Storage and Shipping

It is less costly to warehouse and distribution than in expensive transportation markets, such as the US and Europe.

If there are mistakes with the order the shipment has to be sent all the way back to China to be fixed.

Manufacturers sometimes implement minimum purchase orders when shipping internationally.

Unneeded inventory just takes up “dead space” at domestic warehouses.

The lead time from manufacturer to end user makes just-in-time inventory difficult.

This may see an overwhelming list of problem, but there is good news: It can all be solved by user, Vice Provider .our warehouse service, can help streamline the logistics process and ensure that goods are ready for market as soon as they are released from storage.

Streamline Your Inventory Management with our Warehouse Logistics Services

China warehouse system is that it simply help cut the cost to store goods in China. Which means if you need to import multiple commodities from different China suppliers then the bundling and warehouse service will be requested, With such service, not only can you save money on real estate, but you can:

– Put the space in domestic warehouses to better use

–  Place smaller and more frequent purchase orders

–  Order just what you need and take it out just when you need it

–  Many China manufacturers have limitations on the orders they will ship internationally, but by keeping transport at that part of the supply chain domestic, you harness more control over the quantity and arrangement of your goods.

What Warehouse Logistics Service Plays a Part in Ocean Freight Forwarding Service?

The warehouse logistics service that plays a part in ocean freight forwarding service is the storage and distribution of goods within a warehouse. This includes inventory management, order processing, and picking and packing of products. By providing these services, the warehouse logistics service helps to ensure that the goods are ready for shipping and can be quickly loaded onto the container ships. Additionally, the warehouse logistics service may also handle the documentation and customs clearance for the goods, which is an important aspect of ocean freight forwarding.

How does it work?

  1. Choose suitable warehouse location and capacity: select a warehouse close to the final destination and with suitable capacity for storing goods based on destination and quantity.
  2. Implement sea and land transportation: before transporting goods to the warehouse, transport goods via sea to the port and then via land from the port to the warehouse.
  3. Implement parcel separation and delivery: for larger or numerous goods, consider parcel separation or delivery for better sea transportation and warehousing.
  4. Implement container transportation: load goods into containers, transport via sea to the destination, and then via land from the port to the warehouse.
  5. Implement modern logistics technology: including real-time monitoring, automated processing, and logistics information systems to increase logistics efficiency and decrease costs.

In summary, combining warehousing and sea transportation services can create an efficient, stable, and reliable logistics network to provide customers with better logistics solutions.