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Shipping from china to amazon fba demand has been increasing since China became the world factory. Amazon DDP service refers to shipping to the FBA fulfillment warehouse including customs clearance and tax paid!CXMM-SCM is experienced in helping Amazon sellers with their global logistics needs, which is why we are a part of the Amazon global selling solutions provider network.

Logistics solutions supported by the CXMM-SCM network:

  1. FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon)and Self-Fulfilled(customer-direct) One-Stop shipping services
  2. Ex-Works export shipping (from your supplier to Amazon door)
  3. Free-On-Board (FOB) exports shipping
  4. Customs Clearance for shipper routed freight
  5. Domestic warehouse & trucking services from any CN.port
  6. Port-to-Warehouse transportation
  7. Basic quality inspection of packaging and card condition
  8. Extensive quality inspection of product
  9. Complete warehousing and fulfillment solutions
  10. Re-packaging services
  11. FBA labeling services
  12. UPS/FedEx/DHL prepaid freight courier service
  13. Product recovery and return services
  14. Less-than-truckload(LTL) and full truckload(FTL)solutions with great rates
  15. We cover all of the links in Amazon sellers global supply chains!