What is air freight door-to-door?

Air freight door-to-door is a kind of the most popular and efficient option for shipping stuff internationally. It can provide customers with Door-to-door collection, delivered to the airport, and delivered to the door after arriving at the destination airport. Door-to-door is generally widely involved in DDP, and may also appear in EXW. It specifically refers to the whole transportation of the goods loaded by the shipper from its address or factory warehouse to the carrier for acceptance until the goods are handed over to the consignee’s address or factory warehouse.

What exactly does air freight door-to-door contain?

There are two types of air freight door-to-door (cargo sent to the consignee’s house address or warehouse)

  1. International courier

Normally the international express service like DHL, FedEx, and UPS supply door-to-door service for the consignee, however, it is such a traditional service that requires the consignee to handle customs clearance, delivery to the airport and pick up from the destination airport himself, what’s more, it costs more if the cargo weight is large.

  1. Air freight+destination domestic delivery

This type of service makes air freight door-to-door more convenient and favored by people who have global shipping needs. The air freight sends the cargo to the local airport and then transfers it to a local logistics service provider for delivery. Not all logistics companies have dedicated delivery to all countries, so the business or individuals should find a shipping company who handle the DDP shipping to the destination country in advance. With this type of service, the logistics company takes care of all aspects of the shipping process from the sender’s door to the recipient’s door, including customs clearance and delivery.

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