What International Traders Ought To Know About China Import And Export Customs Clearance

Every foreign importer or exporter will face customs clearance when doing business internationally. Then what is the process of customs clearance? what should be paid attention to? now we are talking about this topic.

The specific process of China customs clearance

1. Exchange order – go to the freight forwarder or shipping company to exchange the D/O.

2. Online declaration – computer prerecord, document review, send, contact with customs/release.

3. Application for inspection – after the online declaration is released, go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to go through the quotation procedures with one of the four pages of the customs declaration form, and issue the customs clearance form or knock on the third inspection seal.

4. On-site handover order – Customs on-site handover order.

5. Inspection – The customs will check the goods according to the supervision conditions of the declared name of the goods and the inspection probability of the day. If there is a random inspection, an inspection notice will be issued.

6. Release – Customs release has the following steps: one release, issue an inspection notice or direct 2 releases without inspection, after inspection, and then release after being sealed.

Precautions for China customs clearance

1. Know about the item restrictions

Learn about item restrictions and avoid customs deductions. items can be sorted into contraband, general goods and sensitive goods. Contraband are items that are prohibited from transportation. Weapons, guns, flammable, explosive, living things, coins, antiques, etc. are all prohibited items. These items are checked by the customs and will definitely be detained, and even international express delivery will be directly arranged to return them.

General goods are ordinary goods, which have no impact on air and planes in international transportation, such as combs, mobile phone cases, small accessories and most daily necessities. There are no restrictions on these items, and there is no need to worry about being detained by customs. The last type is sensitive goods, 3C electronic products, cosmetics, food ,books, power banks, etc. These items require specific logistics channels, otherwise they cannot be mailed to the destination country.

2. Familiar with the customs policy of the destination country

The customs policies of all countries in the world are similar and basically the same. But some countries have some special policies.The importer and shipping company need to review the policy in advance to make the goods entry in destination country successfully.The customs clearance agent like CXMM-SCM can give you some advise in customs clearance when importing from China,we can do anything related in logistics in China.

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