The Need To Know About Port Of Transit (2)

Transit port code

A vessel will call at multiple ports, so there are many port entry codes filed by the ship at the same terminal, that is, the transit port codes. If the shipper fills in the codes at will, if the codes cannot be matched, the container will not be able to enter the port. If it is matched but it is not a real transit port, then even if it enters the port and gets on the ship, it will be unloaded at the wrong port. Containers may also be unloaded at the wrong port if they are modified to be correct before shipping. Transshipment fees are very high and there may be significant fines.

Regarding transshipment clauses During the international transportation of goods, due to geographical or political and economic reasons, the goods need to be transshipped at certain ports or other locations. When booking, it is essential to manifest the transit port. But it depends on whether the shipping company accepts the transfer here finally. If accepted, the provisions for the transshipment port will be clear,a note after the destination port, usually connected by “VIA” or “W/T (with transshipment at…)”.

For example, Port of Loading: Shanghai China

Port of Destination: London UK W/T Hong Kong

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