What is the meaning of Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR)

Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR for short), as the name implies, is used when equipment (container) is handed over, and is mainly used in storage yard (CY) pick-up cabinets and heavy-duty cabinets. To be more academic, it is the certificate that the container owner or lessor entrusts the container loading and unloading area, transfer station or inland station with the cargo party’s ready-to-use container owner or his representative to hand over the container and transport equipment.

In short, the EIR is issued by the carrier or its agent to the cargo party (the fleet represents the cargo party), and it is used to pick up or return heavy or empty containers to the district or station. EIR is a written certificate for the handover of equipment (container) by all parties.

The driver of the container trailer must be familiar with the equipment handover list (EIR), because each cabinet has an “Equipment Handover List” (multiple pages in one form), and the container trailer driver must take this equipment handover list to carry out the exit and entry of containers Wait for handover.

Where did this equipment handover form come from? The towing company takes the packing list/packing list (S/O) provided by the shipping company or the freight forwarder to the place where the order is placed to print the order, and then gets an equipment handover order. In some cases, the team took the S/O and went directly to the yard to print. May vary per terminal depending on terminal regulations.

The driver picks up the empty container based on the equipment handover form, leaves the station, and goes to load (production or internal loading). Then use this handover order to enter the venue and return the heavy cabinet. All handovers are based on EIR, so it is called the equipment handover list.

The back of the first sheet of the Equipment Transfer Invoice (EIR) is printed with the terms of transfer and use, the main content is the expenses incurred during the use period of the container and equipment by the cargo party, and the division of responsibilities in case of damage or loss of the equipment and the loaded goods, and the responsibility for the second The three are liable for damages. Equipment handover is generally handled at the district and station gates.

The content on the equipment handover list includes: the name and address of the person using the container, the time of entering and leaving the yard, the container number and seal number, whether the container is empty or heavy, the booking number, the name of the ship and the voyage, the description of whether the container or other equipment is in good condition, etc.