What are warehousing and distribution services?

Warehousing and distribution service is a kind of logistics service. It can provide customers with warehousing, transportation, distribution, and packaging; provide integrated supply chain solutions and overall logistics services for commercial circulation enterprises and production enterprises, A third-party logistics company helps enterprises and customers that reducing logistics costs and relieve worries about the future by professional comprehensive logistics services.

What exactly does warehousing service contain?

  1. Commodity storage

Warehousing needs to be responsible for counting the number of goods, instructing the loading and unloading personnel to unload the goods to the designated location, signing receipts, issuing storage proof documents, and putting different identification cards on the goods in different areas. These are all aspects that need to be done when the goods enter the warehouse.

  1. Cargo inventory

The inventory is divided into two parts, one is to check and confirm the goods when they enter the warehouse, check the documents, store the goods data, and the merchants of the goods; the other is to refer to the monthly inventory, and check the goods in the warehouse every month to form a corresponding report.

  1. Warehouse management

Warehousing companies need to plan the warehouse reasonably to improve the working efficiency inside the warehouse. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of fire and moisture protection inside the warehouse. Pay special attention to the maintenance of storage shelves, and replace damaged and rusted shelves in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

4.Shipping and distribution

For delivery, it is necessary to prepare the documents for the corresponding goods in advance, check the goods, sort out the goods that need to be shipped out, and conduct a review. If some goods need to be packed, they must also be packaged, and the goods must be weighed to confirm the need How many transport vehicles can be transported, and finally after the goods are loaded and unloaded, relevant personnel are required to sign the receipt.

  1. After-sales service

Provide a professional customer service team to follow up on the delivery status and the receiver’s satisfaction with the delivery in real-time. If there are delivery problems, give timely feedback and solve them, maintain the brand reputation of e-commerce merchants, and ensure the logistics experience of end users.

  1. Value-added services

In addition to warehousing services, some warehousing companies also provide value-added services such as packaging customization, coding, product quality inspection, and payment collection.

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