What Are The Terms Of Ocean Shipping Costs ?

Nowadays plenty of merchants will choose to ship by sea who are in the cross-border e-commerce field or traditional import and export foreign traders. This is mainly due to the low ocean freight costs, however, a few foreign traders do not understand the terms of sea shipping fee. What are the terms of shipping costs? CXMM-SCM Logistics will introduce you in following contents:

THC:Terminal Handling Charges

DOC: Document Charges, The document fee is charged by each bill and for RMB.

PCS:Port Congestion Surcharges

COD:Charge of Diversion

OWS:Over Weight Surcharge

BAF:Bunker Adjustment Factor

CAF:Currency Adjustment Factor(These two parts of shipping costs are more common in the European line and West African line ocean freight rates (in fact, these two costs exist in the ocean freight of all routes, but generally, except for the European line and the West African line, All other routes directly work on this part of the cost with the basic sea freight and only show the ALL IN price visually).

EBS: Emergent Bunker Surcharges it is charged per TEU and in RMB.

PSS: Peak Season Surcharges, as a fee charged by shipping companies in peak season to make up for the increase in manpower input and increase in mechanical wear and tear due to busy business. More common in European lines. Billed in US dollars, charged per TEU.


EBA: Emergent Bunker Additional. For African routes, Central and South American routes.

EBS: Emergent Bunker Surcharge. For Australian routes.

EPS: Equipment Position surcharge

FAF: Fuel Adjustment Factor. For Japan routes.

IPF:Inspection Fees

RSC:Re stowage Charge

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