The Secrets Of DDP

Everyone who expand an international business for the first time might be wondering what DDP means and how it works, now let me show you the secrets of DDP shipping.

DDP stands for ‘Delivered Duty Paid’, including customs clearance in both exporting countries and importing countries and tariff paid. it is more common in special line transportation, which means that during the transportation of goods, the agent will complete the delivery of the goods to the designated location/warehouse in the destination country. It should be noted that if the consignee needs unloading or other services after the parcel arrives at place, it will be charged by himself, Door-to-door service means that after reaching the destination port, the delivery will be arranged to the recipient.sometimes,DDP door to door service is also called all in one service.

The custom will charge for duty and VAT(value-added tax) when importing and exporting. the seller does not need to worry about the charging items because the freight forwarder like CXMM-SCM will handle all the things as long as the seller hands over the goods to the shipping agent.

DDP is mainly aimed at some special goods that cannot be normally cleared and imported according to normal goods, or the normal customs clearance and import are more troublesome, or some documents such as licenses cannot be provided. Such as cosmetics, health products, red wine, milk powder, raw cowhide, gifts, toys, handicrafts, accessories, clocks, lamps, electronic products, medical equipment, chemical products, walkie-talkies, mobile power, built-in supporting battery products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, wheelbarrows Wait. These products are divided into imitation, licensed, unlicensed, etc. The prices may vary greatly.

Of course, not all special goods can be accepted, and some products such as pure batteries (except mobile power), liquids, powders, certain medicines, adult products, arms and weapons, flammable and explosive products, etc.are not suggested to carry.

The main thing to be in caution as a cargo owner is that it cannot be concealed in order to save costs or urge the forwarder accepttance of some special goods This kind of behavior is a fluke. Once it is discovered or the destination country cannot clear customs, it may have to be cost highly and additional risks.

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