The Need To Know About Port Of Transit (1)

“Transit port” refers to the port where the goods travel from the port of departure to the port of destination, and pass through the third port in the itinerary. It is the port where the means of transport carry out operations such as docking, loading and unloading, and replenishment, and the goods are replaced by means of transport and continue to be transported to the destination.
Port of discharge / place of delivery = transit port / port of destination?
If it only refers to sea transportation, the port of discharge does refer to the transit port, and the place of delivery refers to the port of destination. When booking, it is generally only necessary to indicate the place of delivery. Whether or not to transfer, or which transfer port to go to, is determined by the shipping line. In the case of multimodal transport, the port of discharge refers to the port of destination, and the place of delivery refers to the destination. Since different ports of unloading will generate different transshipment fees, the port of unloading must be indicated when booking the space.

Port of Loading, Port of Discharge, Ocean Freight Agent.