The Influencing Factors Of International Sea Freight Rates

1. The nature and weight of the goods

Cargo information has the greatest impact on international shipping costs. Many businesses believe that the rate will be firmed as long as the number of containers is certain. In fact, even if it is just one container, there will still be different shipping costs. This is mainly affected by the value, nature, and weight of the cargo. Generally speaking, if the goods are valuable or some dangerous goods, then the freight will be higher when they are transported, and if they are pallets and other goods, they can enjoy preferential prices. In addition, if the cargo in a container is relatively heavy, which affects the space and tonnage utilization of the ship, its international sea freight will naturally be relatively high.

2. Market circumstance

The industry of global cargo logistics is also divided into the off-season and peak seasons. If it is off-season, due to the small number of goods, the shipping line will give some discounts in order to attract customers. And if the number of goods accepted by the shipping line is relatively large during the peak season, the quotation will rise. Sometimes, if the owner has a batch of goods that needs to be shipped immediately, the sea freight that he needs to pay will be even higher. This shows that if you don’t want to pay some unnecessary fees when carrying out international cargo transportation, the best way is to make a plan in advance to avoid some emergencies.

 3. The quality of the selected freight forwarding company

Of course, the international shipping costs and the quality of freight forwarding companies also have a certain impact. In fact, if the cargo owners choose a relatively large freight forwarding company, they may still enjoy some discounts on freight. Because the business volume between the freight forwarding company and the target shipping company is relatively large, and the relationship between them is relatively good, the shipping line may give a certain discount.

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