The Economic-Friendly Guide To Reduce The Tariff By HS Code Of Import And Export

“One of my clients from the US issued a matter:how to lower the tax rate by correcting the classifications in HS code of goods as the tariff is very high when importing from China” said Mr.Liu.

What is HS Code?Why may the HS code amendment reduce the tariff?How to seek better options for categories?Here is an article help you comprehend the mystery.

HS code is the abbreviation of “Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System”. It also calls by HTS code.Harmonization System Code (HS-Code) is formulated by the International Customs Council. It is about the basic elements of customs and commodity entry and exit management agencies in various countries to confirm commodity categories, conduct commodity classification management, review tariff standards, and inspect commodity quality indicators are the generic identity certificates for import and export commodities.

Diverse commodity classifications have different HS codes, and thus corresponding to varied tax rates. Within the conditions of today’s changing global economic environment, selecting the correct HS code under the reasonable avoidance of customs inspection risks is significant for reducing tariffs.

Finding the correct commodity code (HS code) for your item can be complicated.A reliable freight forwarder like CXMM-SCM can help you solve the problem. We need to know the details of your product as much as we can, which may include:

Item type

Applications of the item

Material of the item

Manufacturing methods

Manner of packing

We can help to find a different product HS codes in combination with the material and function of a product from multiple angles, and then check the corresponding tax rates to choose the most suitable and affordable HS code. Of course, this must be made under the premise of complying with the national customs import and export policy.

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