The Combination Of International Freight Cost(2)

6. Freight Surcharge: when the shipping line operates at a loss or in special circumstances, it is usually adjusted by means of surcharges, such as BAF, FAS, DDC, etc.

7. Labeling & Marking Fee: warehouse owners provide goods with labels or swipe marks to charge labeling fees or swipe marks according to customer needs.

8. Warehousing in/out Fee: goods in and out of the warehouse, the warehouse provides forklifts, handling, debiting and other activities, charging in-warehouse fees or out-warehouse fees.

9. Inventory Management Fee: If the warehouse owner provides inventory management for customers and provides value-added services (computer management, receipt, delivery, inventory, unpacking, splitting, packing etc.), warehouse management fees will be charged. The charging methods include: There are many kinds, generally charged according to the logistics unit or fixed according to the time at the same time.


International freight costWarehousing in/out Fee, Inventory Management Fee.