Now You Can Import Goods from the United States/Japan/Europe Via China Bonded Warehouse

Maybe you are tired of importing from Asia

Maybe you are ready to tap into the USA/Europe/Japan market

Maybe you are looking step your product quality up

Maybe you are in urgent need of some overseas essential products with hard to describe reasons

Maybe you are interested in USA/Europe/Japan-based vendors and business can be made possible via third-party agent logistics

Whatever the reason, Now you can import goods from the United States/Japan/Europe with professional local procurement agent to make the sourcing and then send them to Hong Kong or Shenzhen bonded warehouse to reduce the tariff,we can help you scale your business not only in China but also in the US,the Europe and Japan with shipping service together,while it should be noted that the shipping service we can offer does not departure directly from the US/Europe/Japan but will transit in China bonded warehouse and then to your country.

A bonded warehouse is a site where shippers can store imported goods before customs have processed them. Goods stored in bonded warehouses aren’t liable for customs duties. When the goods have been delivered to their next destination, all applicable duties become payable.

The use of a bonded warehouse can cancel out the need to pay duties, creating inventory and cash flow efficiencies.With a bonded warehouse, you can store your goods until you’ve met the requirements or demand has increased.

CXMM-SCM has access to Hong Kong and China mainland bonded warehouse that provide receipt of goods, delivery services and so on,we can make the procurement from USA,Europe and Japan by overseas branch staff and then keep cargo storage in bonded warehouse.



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