Be well-prepared and to take actions in advance, end the possible errors in their infancy; fully evaluate the time-efficiency and risks, establish the reasonable customer aspiration level so that the customers can take appropriate measures and prepare themselves mentally; be result-oriented and to take practical. and effective measures to turn the impossible into the possible, including the unconventional but legal actions




Level up customer loyalty with fast, reliable lead times to keep your organization on pace with fluctuating consumer demand cycles and constant industry disruption—continually shifting capabilities.

When time is of the essence, we offer our clients a variety of time critical air freight services. Let our team recommend the one that best fits your schedule. Our mission is to deliver your time sensitive shipments to the other side of the country or the other side of the globe. All in a timely manner.

– Double duty free air service

Airport to airport service

Door to door service

Part of the airport with direct flight

We are an experienced Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) for all major international carriers. Through our global network of experienced professionals and discounted contract pricing, we provide an integrated solution of ocean freight services. As an ocean freight forwarder,CXMM-SCM assigns cargo, arranges pickup and delivery locations and streamlines document management to guarantee the uninterrupted flow of goods.

We have a robust network of carriers ready to deliver your goods from port to port. We also offer warehousing and distribution, as well as ground freight in countries around the globe.

– Full Container Load Service (FCL)

Less than Container Load Service (LCL)

Multimodal Solutions

Specialized Container Services (e.g., Flat Rack, OTC, etc.)

Project Cargo (Oversized/Non-Containerized)

Customized Consolidation Program

Door-to-Port / Port-to-Door Services

– Ocean Cargo Insurance

CXMM-SCM can pick up goods in China and deliver the goods to over 230 countries throughout the world. Also, CXMM-SCM can pick up goods in foreign countries and deliver the goods to China. CXMM-SCM has realized the two-way door-to-door global express services for import and export.

1) DHL 

CXMM-SCM has been closely cooperated with DHL. DHL has the advantages like the broad coverage and the high time efficiency and thus is suitable for the transport of the high-value goods which has strict requirements for time efficiency. According to the related provisions of DHL, extra fees should be charged for remote areas.

2) UPS 

UPS is among the largest express carrying and package delivery companies in the world. CXMM-SCM is an agent of the first level in Hong Kong for UPS. The coverage of logistics service provided by Hong Kong UPS is large and the time efficiency is high, so it is appropriate for the transport of the high-value goods which has strict requirements for time efficiency.


FEDEX has advantages in the express of heavy goods.

CXMM-SCM is experienced at helping Amazon sellers with their global logistics needs, which is why we are a part of the Amazon global selling solutions provider network.


Logistics solutions supported by the CXMM-SCM network:

  1. FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon)and Self-Fulfilled(customer-direct) One-Stop shipping services
  2. Ex-Works export shipping (from your supplier to Amazon door)
  3. Free-On-Board (FOB) exports shipping
  4. Customs Clearance for shipper routed freight
  5. Domestic warehouse & trucking services from any CN.port
  6. Port-to-Warehouse transportation
  7. Basic quality inspection of packaging and card condition
  8. Extensive quality inspection of product
  9. Complete warehousing and fulfillment solutions
  10. Re-packaging services
  11. FBA labeling services
  12. UPS/FedEx/DHL prepaid freight courier service
  13. Product recovery and return services
  14. Less-than-truckload(LTL) and full truckload(FTL)solutions with great rates
  15. We cover all of the links in Amazon sellers global supply chains!

Based on FOB terms, the customer (factory) entrusts us with a series of services such as door-to-door pick-up, export document preparation, trucking, customs declaration and delivery to the port for warehousing.

CXMM-SCM has the right of operation for import/export business and provides the services like the global door-to-door picking up goods in foreign countries, transport, import clearance and domestic delivery, etc. Moreover, MM SCM has entered into a four-party agreement with the customs, e-port and bank and can pay the added-value tax and the import tariff online and handle the foreign exchange offset for the customers and so on.

– Customs Application for General Trades

Customs Application of Samples (Customs Application of Express)

Bonded Transfer of Customs

Export Clearance of Ordinary Goods

Export Clearance of Doubtful and Difficult Goods

1)  The goods for which the customs inspection is required;

2)  The goods which should be subject to inspection or for which the certificates should be presented, for example the air freight of magnetic goods.

3)  The fumigated goods, the preparation of the documents for doubtful and difficult goods and the correspondence between the foreign exchange and the title of certificates.

Export Clearance of One Document for Multiple Goods Categories

CXMM-SCM warehouse system is that it simply costs less than storing goods domestically. Not only can you save money on real estate, but you can:

– Put the space in domestic warehouses to better use

Place smaller and more frequent purchase orders

Order just what you need and take it out just when you need it

Many China manufacturers have limitations on the orders they will ship internationally, but by keeping transport at that part of the supply chain domestic, you harness more control over the quantity and arrangement of your goods.

It is more costly to use warehouses in expensive transportation markets, such as the U.S.and Europe.

If there are mistakes with the order the shipment has to be sent all the way back to China to be fixed.

Manufacturers sometimes implement minimum purchase orders when shipping internationally.

Unneeded inventory just takes up “dead space” at domestic warehouses.

The lead time from manufacturer to end user makes just-in-time inventory difficult.

This may seem like an overwhelming list of problems, but there’s good news: it can all be solved by using China warehouses with CXMM-SCM.

CXMM-SCM handle every step of your purchase, from the development of the product to the delivery. We are working especially on all needs you may have during the process : quality control, supplier certification, product innovation, budgeting, MOQ negotiation, supplier audit, product compliance… And the list is still long! We assimilate your project in order to understand and provide an offer in line with your expectations. There is a problem? Perfect! We are here to identify them to set up the most convenient solution for your business. Our team is able to assist any kind of needs, from the first (and small) purchase to the cooperation with purchase department of a global organization. During all the process we will consider your situation to propose the most suitable process !

Sourcing service step by step

–  Discuss specifications, wishes and processes for clear and effective cooperation.CXMM-SCMaims for 100% customer satisfaction from the start.

–  Make decisions, check samples and place orders. Once all the details confirmed and the cooperation established, we start production.

–  The production management, the respect of the deadlines and the quality are controlled. You, our client, will be updated in real time!

–  Last checks, payment and reservation of space for final delivery. The last step before arrival …

Do you encounter the following problems when you make payment?

  • Are you worried about payment but not delivery when you place an order to your supplier?
  • Are you worried that the goods received after payment are inconsistent with the goods ordered at that time (model, quantity, color and quality etc.) ?
  • Are you worried that the supplier’s late delivery will affect yours sales?
  • Is there a problem bother you that you deal with payment with different supplier at the same time each time, resulting in many additional payment costs?
  • How do you handle this issue if your supplier accept the payment only RMB, but you can pay US or Eur only.

Collection & payment

As a legal service company in China, we are willing to build a reliable payment platform between customers and suppliers.

– Customers and suppliers confirm the products details (model, quantity, color, price, etc.)

– Customer send packing list and invoice to CXMM-SCM then pay CXMM-SCM (USD or EUR), and entrust CXMM-SCM to pay it to the suppliers (1,2 or more).

– CXMM-SCM will reconfirm the order details with different suppliers, payment method and amount with the supplier

– Full Payment to supplier and notify supplier to ship after everything is to be confirmed

– After goods arrive in CXMM-SCM warehouse,CXMM-SCM will check all goods and notify the customer of the relevant information to arrange transportation.

– Throughout the whole process,CXMM-SCM will update all information to customers in a timely manner to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and safety of all purchase orders.