How Long Does It Take For Shipping From China To Vietnam?

It mainly depends on which route you take. There are international express, land freight, sea freight, post mail special line,etc. The fastest is international express with relatively expensive cost, the slowest is sea freight, but the timeliness is the most stable, followed by land transportation and post mail special lines, which are determined according to the customer’s own needs.

International express delivery time: 2-3 days, from delivery to customer receipt, except for special circumstances.

Land transportation line: 3-5 days, if the delivery address is Hanoi, it will be faster. If it is Ho Chi Minh, the time will be longer, about 7 days.

Ocean Shipping line: 7-15 days, basically to Ho Chi Minh, the normal time limit is about 12 days, except for special circumstances.

Post mail line: about 7 days, mainly land transportation, only suitable for goods with low value and relatively small-sized package.


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