How Long Does Customs Inspection Take?

In Europe, the most common customs inspection methods are mainly divided into X-ray machine inspection, document inspection and manual inspection.

X-ray machine inspection

The X-ray machine custom inspection mainly checks whether the goods are concealed or carry contraband. If there is no abnormality, It is generally about 48 hours to complete the customs clearance. on the contrary, it will be passed to manual inspection, and the inspection period will be extended.

Document inspection

The document customs inspection mainly checks the declared information such as the HS code and the value of the goods. The most common thing is that the customs code requires modification and the declared value of the goods needs to be increased. If the HS code modification suggestion provided by the customs is similar to the original tax rate of the importer and exporter, modifying it directly according to the suggestion provided by the customs can not only reduce the time, but also save unnecessary inspection fees and warehouse rental fees. If the importer or exporter thinks that the customs provided is unreasonable, they can submit all relevant materials and qualification certificates of the product to the customs. In case of low declaration inspection, it is recommended to increase the declaration price to a slightly higher level than the normal price at one time, so as to strive for quick release. If the importer or exporter changes the low declaration back to the market price after the inspection, the product may still be rejected or even detained, especially the inspected product.

Manual inspection

The last customs inspection is manual inspection. After receiving the inspection notice, the importer or exporter needs to prepare the details of the goods, the corresponding shipping marks, relevant certificates, test reports and other documents required by the customs as soon as possible. If the single goods do not meet the customs inspection requirements, large quantities or even the entire container may be opened for inspection, so the accuracy of the declaration materials must be ensured, such as the HS code, the product name and material described in the invoice. At the end of each year or the beginning of the year, the customs inspection rate increases, and the inspection time will be extended to 1 week to 1 month. Remember to prepare the information in time, and do not conceal or omit the report.