Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Consolidated Shipping Service(8)

Q:Can we get any insurance for the sea transport?

A:Yes, we suggest to buy an insurance for the ocean shipping, as we checked that it charges 0.05% of goods value. for an example, if all goods value is 50000USD, it charges 25USD.

Q:Is there any other insurance rates? or only that one

A:There are no other insurance rates. there two famous brand insurance companies we currently cooperate with are:PICC and CPIC.both of them are same insurance rate 0.05%. Below sample (from PICC) for your reference.

Q:What is conditionals of collecting our goods in your warehouse in the future?

A: if you would like to use our warehousing service, below is for your reference:

* 0-1 month, free of charge

* over 1 month, Charges as below:

 1. 100USD/month within 10CBM

 2. 200USD/month at 10-30CBM

 3. 300USD/month at 30-60CBM

For example, if 5cbm of goods stored for less than 15 days, charged by half a month (50USD), if more than 15 days, charges by one month(100USD).



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