Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Consolidated Shipping Service(6)

Q: Can you please tell me when can we order your service? are there any limited dates for container booking/shipping and so on?

A: You can order our service from now on, it depends on your shipping schedule. normally the valid date of quotation for container shipping is about 2 weeks. the shipping frequency is about every one week & the price of containers is updated once a week.

Q: Can you please update the times/processes of the future cooperation? (after I will get confirmation):

A: Yes, we can make an advance plan, like the container booking we need to book ahead 10-15 days of the vessel set sail to make sure available space to meet our schedule. anyway, tomorrow I will prepare a timeline (forecast ) worksheet for your reference.

Q: After the goods will be loaded into the container and there will be still free space – is this possible to send you some other goods to fill in this free space?

A: When the empty container arrives at our warehouse, we will arrange to load it immediately. It is not allowed to wait too long or even overnight, so we suggest that all goods should be in our warehouse before we pick up empty containers, and we will try our best to fill in this container.

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