Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Consolidated Shipping Service(4)

Q: What means S/O?

A: When shipper books the container to the vessel company, the vessel company will release the SO to the shipper after the container space has been confirmed, shipper will take the SO number to pick up the empty container at the storage yard.

Q: What are the differences between EXW and FOB when paying for export declaration?

A: if all suppliers are based on EXW, things are getting easy, we will help do custom declaration and it is free of charge. But if it is FOB, we won’t be responsible for export declaration, as the suppliers want to export in name of their company the process will be getting complicated.

Q: Our goods are bought by 2 different companies, will you be able to prepare 2 customs declarations and pack these 2 groups of goods separately?

A: Yes, we can prepare 2 customs declarations for you & pack 2 groups of goods separately as your list.