Container Shipping Is Predicted To Be In Chaos In Peak Season According To A Survey

The latest Container xChange survey titled “xChange Industry Pulse Survey” found that 51% of respondents expect the 2022 iteration of the peak season to be “worse” than last year.26% predicted that this year’s peak season would be less chaotic than in 2021, while 22% expect the level of “chaos” to be the same.more than 200 forwarders, traders and shippers from container logistics industry have taken part in this survey.

Traditionally, the peak shipping period is the third quarter of each year, as retailers accumulate inventory before the fourth quarter holidays and shopping season. Last year, increased freight volumes led to record highs in container freight rates, delivery delays, port congestion and reliability of container shipping services.

58% of respondents also reported that China’s COVID-19 lockdown made it “difficult to produce/deliver as many products as planned”, suggesting that as China’s COVID-19-19 strategy restricts exports to Europe and the United States, backlogs of goods and unmet demand are increasing.

Christian Roeloffs, co-founder and CEO of Container xChange, said: “It’s harder than usual to accurately predict what will happen this year’s peak season because there are so many conflicting signs and intangibles. ”

“On the supply side, we have seen the Covid-19 lockdown in China affect the supply of goods exported to major markets in Europe and North America.there are all kinds of signs that we’re going to see a big surge as the backlog of export goods is shipped out.” these backlogs of orders will arrive at the same time as peak season orders, which could lead to massive supply chain congestion at European and U.S. ports that are already widespread. According to the survey, The top challenges identified by respondents were container availability, full warehouses, inflation, the Russia / Ukraine crisis and rising prices.

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