China’s completed customs clearance process

  1. Importer prepares customs declaration documents

If your buyer has import and export qualifications, it can directly go through the import customs clearance process, otherwise, you need to entrust a customs brokerage company to handle the customs clearance process;

  1. China Customs Electronic Port (e-Port) System Online Pre-declaration

All Chinese importers and exporters are required to file with the customs, and only after obtaining the relevant record number and ID can they log in to the customs electronic port system (e-Port) for customs declaration;

  1. The goods are transported to the Chinese customs port (customs supervision warehouse)

Before the official customs clearance, all goods need to be stored in the customs supervision warehouse, and the customs clearance procedures need to be completed as soon as possible, otherwise the long stay will bring high storage costs;

  1. Submission and review of customs declaration documents

Different types of goods will have different requirements for customs declaration documents and documents. If the documents are missing or do not meet the requirements, the customs declaration application will be rejected;

5.Inspection and Quarantine of Imported Goods

The Customs Inspection and Quarantine Department (CIQ) will conduct inspection and quarantine of imported goods to ensure that their quality meets the requirements of relevant Chinese laws and standards, including Chinese labels; if they fail to pass the inspection and quarantine, they cannot be cleared;

  1. Pay relevant import duties and taxes

Import tax mainly includes import duties, consumption tax, value-added tax, etc. Import fees mainly include inspection and quarantine fees, related storage and transportation fees at customs ports, etc.;

  1. Customs inspection

The customs will check that the actual goods are consistent with the contents in the customs declaration documents;

  1. Customs Clearance

The customs will issue the relevant customs clearance and release documents, and the imported goods can be shipped out of the customs supervision warehouse.

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